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“My husband and I consider you Lauren’s angel! You were so gentle and concerned about her well-being … The small statement you made …’I’ll take very good care of her’ – meant everything to us. We felt immediately comfortable with everything starting with our phone call the previous night. You DID take the very best care of her.” -JA

“Wonderful doctor. He made me feel I was in excellent hands for a scary situation.” -MR

“I wanted to write a special note of thanks to let you know how much we appreciate the manner in which you handled Amy’s surgery. You so carefully took into consideration my family’s history, spent time with me on the phone and made me feel much more comfortable about Amy getting anesthesia. Your professionalism and your calm and soothing demeanor only helped to allay my fears. Amy could not have been in better hands and I am so grateful and lucky that you were the doctor … for my daughter’s surgery … Amy is doing great. I thank you. We all thank you.” -SA


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