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“My husband and I consider you Lauren’s angel! You were so gentle and concerned about her well-being…The small statement you made…’I’ll take very good care of her’ – meant everything to us. We felt immediately comfortable with everything starting with our phone call the previous night. You DID take the very best care of her.”

J. A.

“My special needs daughter had her impacted wisdom teeth removed at Mobisurg. Dr. Alikhani and his staff were really warm, and very careful throughout the process. At the pre-op appointment, he took the time to ask me all about her condition, and he was just very comfortable with special needs kids. On the day of her surgery, she was the last surgery of the day, and Dr. Alikhani stayed right with her for about an hour post-op while she came out of anesthesia, and until she was ready to go home. He even personally offered to move her into her wheelchair and walked us out to our car to make sure she I didn’t have any problems getting her her loaded. Not too many busy physicians will take the time to do that kind of thing, and so it really stood out to me. The whole staff was above and beyond professional and kind.

Rebecca C.

“I wanted to write a special note of thanks to let you know how much we appreciate the manner in which [way] you handled Amy’s surgery. You so carefully took into consideration my family’s history, spent time with me on the phone and made me feel much more comfortable about Amy getting anesthesia. Your professionalism and your calm and soothing demeanor only helped to allay my fears. Amy could not have been in better hands and I am so grateful and lucky that you were the doctor for my daughter’s surgery. Amy is doing great. I thank you. We all thank you.

S. A.

“Wonderful doctor. He made me feel I was in excellent hands for a scary situation.”

M. R.

“They partner with our pediatric dentist, Smile Wide in Irvine, and I can’t [say] enough about how incredibly trained, professional, kind and reassuring Dr. Shar and his staff were to me and my three-year-old daughter who would need general anesthesia for several cavities. Not only did our dentist do an amazing job on the dental work, but we had such a good experience in the aftercare. Hardly any pain felt by my daughter and they followed up often. I cannot recommend them more.”

Kristin C.

“I am grateful for the kind and caring nature of Dr. Shar and his staff at MobiSurg; from the appointment scheduling to the surgical procedure and aftercare. I really appreciated Dr. Shar’s tender care of my 2-year-old son who recently underwent dental surgery. Everything went exactly as he stated it would be and my son had a positive experience (no fear and no pain). I especially appreciated the phone calls before and after the procedure and the follow up, too! They have gone above and beyond the usual medical care which is so reassuring for families! I would highly recommend this anesthesia group.

Jennie H.

“Dr. Shar Alikhani and his team at Mobisurg are fantastic! My daughter is three years old and I was hesitant to put her under anesthesia. However, I talked to Joy and she was amazing. She spoke to me for an hour on the phone and gave me a tour of the facility. She was patient, wonderful, and put all my worries at ease. Dr. Shar was amazing as well. He made my daughter laugh, feel comfortable, and took time to speak with me to explain exactly what was going to happen. During my daughter’s procedure, nurses came out to give me updates and make sure my husband and I were okay. One of the nurses talked to us for a half an hour and stayed with us until my daughter woke up. She explained what would happen when she woke up, what to feed her, safety, and how to deal with possible pain. She even walked us to our car. I’m totally blown away by the service, communication, and professionalism that Mobisurg provides. It’s a wonderful and safe place to go!

Tina C.

“To Dr. Shar, Trisha, Joy, Jordan, Cynthia, Timothy, and anyone I’ve missed the name. I wanted to give my deepest gratitude to an amazing experience to this very anxious mommy. 

I went in frightened and without much sleep and this was the best experience anyone could have for their baby (my big 3 year old baby).

Thank you so much for the above and beyond care and service. I will be writing a review on yelp.
Royce is in and out but sleeping peacefully on the couch.

Much love from the Byun Family,”

Aemy B.

“Dr. Shar,

Thank you so much for making Matthew’s procedure a smooth one. Your comforting approach with him made things much easier on him. I actually think he was looking forward to that “magic carpet” ride to Disneyland. Thank you for being so thorough and explaining each step of the treatment. He is doing great and has no fears of going back to the dentist. You truly have a gift in the medical world and I am so glad he was under your care. Thank you again.

Heather O.

“Dr. Alikhani,

My husband and I just wanted to send you a thank you for all that you and your staff did for Madelyn.

I know that every day you take great care of each and every soul you work with, but it isn’t every day that I hand my lovely over to someone, placing her life in their hands! So thank you again!”

Jason & Heidi

“Working in the medical field somehow gives me a glimpse of what to expect on my daughter’s dental procedure but still, any parent, would understand the feeling of worry when your child has to undergo a procedure with anesthesia. MobiSurg set me at ease.
Even days before the procedure, Ms. Joy was particularly helpful and accommodating in terms of an overview of what’s going to take place. No confusing paperwork to sign because they walk you through it.
I only have good words for Dr. Shar. He called us the night before bridging, our apprehension with the procedure. He is [was] very pleasant with my daughter and he levels to the level she can understand. My daughter didn’t feel scared because he made her feel at ease. The initiation of anesthesia and coming off of it went surprisingly smooth. Dr. Shar has perfected his craft through years of experience.
Dr. Harvey Lee is, by far, the best pediatric dentist there is. He explained the entire procedure to the terms we can comprehend [,] and he delivers to the expectations of the parents.
They follow[ed] up hours and days after [the] procedure to make sure that my daughter is [was] recuperating well. We appreciate that since adverse after effects of anesthesia, albeit uncommon, may happen and cause distress to parents. We felt important and, again, at ease.
Our over-all experience deserves to be rated more than 5 stars. We are definitely recommending MobiSurg.

Fatima M.

“Our experience with MobiSurg was great. Our 5-year-old was taken care of beyond our expectations. Dr. Shar is so professional, all the while still very child-friendly in his approach. He could sense when our daughter was getting a bit hesitant just before going into her dental procedure room and very quickly jumped into action leading her on a “magic carpet ride” and whisking her into the room pointing out all the fun elements he tied into his storyline along the way. We were so impressed with MobiSurg all around. Wouldn’t want anyone else for any potential future general anesthesia work. Also big thanks to Joy and Barbara, they were friendly, helpful and attentive.

Natasha D.

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