MobiSurg is dedicated to the comfort and safety of your child. Our physicians are pediatric specialists and our staff is trained to care for children. We are comfortable working with pediatric patients of all ages and those with co-existing conditions and special needs. Our balanced technique allows us to customize each patient’s anesthetic to fit his or her individual needs and provide the safest anesthetic care possible.

Every patient receives a telephone consultation and evaluation prior to any procedure, and patients with a complicated medical history are seen in our comprehensive pre-operative clinic. All health issues will be addressed and resolved in advance of the scheduled procedure. MobiSurg’s routine monitoring exceeds the recommendations of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). Our acute care approach enables us to detect problems early, implement preventive care and increase patients’ safety.

We believe that the presence of loved ones in the preoperative and post-operative settings decreases anxiety and improves healing. Our goal is to keep patients together with their parents or caretakers as much as possible. We make parents and caretakers an integral part of the entire process.  Children fall asleep and wake up in their parent’s arms.

Ask your doctor about MobiSurg today and see why patients are choosing us and receiving the best quality medical care.

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