MobiSurg Eliminates the Need for Hospitals or Surgery Centers

Laguna Hills, CA – January 26, 2012 – Children and adults requiring routine Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) or Ophthalmological procedures no longer need to do so in a hospital or surgery center. With MobiSurg, a new, accredited and uniquely affordable mobile anesthesia and patient care provider, patients who need simple or routine procedures can now save time, money and worry by undergoing these types of procedures in the privacy and convenience of their own doctor’s office.

“With more than a half million surgeries performed each year, ear tube placement is the most common childhood surgery requiring anesthesia in the United States,” says Shar Alikhani, M.D. “And, up until now, each of these simple, short procedures had to be performed in a hospital or surgery center. But with MobiSurg children of any age, even those with special needs, can have ear tubes inserted in the comfort and security of their own doctor’s office – while still receiving quality, hospital-grade anesthesia. MobiSurg is revolutionizing the way patients receive safe, accredited anesthesia as well as helping minimize out of control healthcare costs.”

Continues Dr. Alikhani, “Most ENT and Ophthalmology cases have traditionally been performed in hospital and surgery centers and at a huge cost to the patient and the medical system. Because many of these procedures are low-to-mid-risk and can be easily performed in the office setting, with MobiSurg they can be done at a fraction of the cost. Patients can be in and out in less than one hour and avoid the hassle and high cost of hospitals completely.”

Dr. Alikhani states that many ENT procedures, such as myringotomies, exams under anesthesia, removal of foreign objects, biopsies, microscopic ear surgeries, incision and drainage, rhinoplasties, and even adenoidectomies and sinus surgeries, may be performed in the office setting. Ophthalmologic procedures such as blepharoplasty, lacrimal duct probing, cataract removal, stye removal and strabismus surgery can be done simply, safely and affordably in a doctor’s office with MobiSurg.

MobiSurg is the only accredited mobile surgical provider able to administer the same hospital grade anesthesia to kids, adults and special needs patients – in any environment. MobiSurg brings everything right to your doctor’s office, including the anesthesiologist, medical staff, medications, and certified monitoring equipment and emergency evacuation plan, making undergoing surgical procedures safe, affordable and hospital-free.

“At MobiSurg, we handle all the details for you,” Dr. Alikhani says. “Our surgical supply vehicle is outfitted with the latest hospital-grade equipment and supplies. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and bring all medical staff, assistants, medications and equipment with us directly to your doctor’s office. We also provide a detailed floor plan and emergency evacuation plan for every location, as well as an emergency lighting system, battery back up system, state inspected fire extinguisher, wireless communication system, back up monitors and oxygen delivery service and sterile supplies.”

About MobiSurg

MobiSurg brings a board-certified anesthesiologist and all the support staff and hospital-grade equipment directly to the doctor, enabling them to perform a host of common and even specialized surgeries all within the walls of their own office and treatment rooms. Among the surgical specialties MobiSurg can support, are: ENT, Ophthalmology, Urology (hernia repair, circumcision, vasectomy, cystoscopy), Podiatry (all podiatric procedures which can be performed in office, including bunionectomy, removal of foreign body, hammertoes, neuromas, ingrown toenails, club feet), Orthopedics (carpal tunnel release, excision of extra digits in children, casting), Radiology (MRI in children and anxious adults or patients with special needs, CT scans in same, breast biopsy), Plastic Surgery (blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, dermatologic procedures, breast implants, laser surgery, tattoo removal), and OB/GYN (tubal ligation, vaginal rejuvenation, excision of cysts, biopsies).

Dr. Shar Alikhani is a board-certified Physician anesthesiologist and former Chief of Anesthesiology at Children’s Hospital Orange County at Mission. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiologists and trained at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he also served as Chief Resident and as a clinical faculty member. He was a Fellow in Pediatric Anesthesia at Children’s Hospital in Boston, the top rated pediatric teaching facility of Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Alikhani hopes to make MobiSurg available in more cities across the United States to better serve doctors and patients everywhere.

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