MobiSurg’s Specially Trained Anesthesiologists Are Skilled at Dealing with and Minimizing Stress and Anxiety Experienced by Autistic Patients Before Surgery

Laguna Hills, CA – MobiSurg is a highly acclaimed and rapidly expanding mobile medical practice in which the anesthesiologist and medical staff come directly to a patient’s own doctor’s office to provide the anesthesia and medical care necessary for many routine surgical procedures. Because children with Autism are especially hard to treat, Mobisurg is the safe, logical choice for a host of procedures, including dental, ophthalmological, orthopedic, podiatric and ENT – because MobiSurg enables kids to undergo these procedures in the comfort and safety of their own doctor’s offices rather than at a hospital or surgery center.

“Autistic children have a variety of special needs and issues, especially when it comes to surgery,” says Shahriar Alikhani, Pediatric Anesthesiologist. “Because of these behavioral, emotional and safety concerns, Autistic kids are among the most difficult to treat by doctors, dentists and surgeons. With MobiSurg, we are able to offer these patients the same safe, hospital-quality anesthesia but in a comfortable, stress free environment with their parents by their side in their own doctor’s office.”

Continues Dr. Alikhani, “The MobiSurg team works with parents and their doctors to understand the nature of their children’s particular Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder so that we can minimize the stress and anxiety many of these kids feel before surgery. For example, if we can learn an Autistic patient’s particular enjoyments and soothing comforts beforehand – whether they be music, television, whatever – we can make them part of the surgical process to reduce nervousness and to pleasantly distract them. This makes for a safer, more relaxed surgical environment for both the doctor and the child.”

“Parents love MobiSurg because they know their kids are being cared for by a Board Certified, Harvard-trained pediatric anesthesiology expert who understands their special needs. They also appreciate the economic benefits of having routing procedures performed in their doctor’s office rather than in a costly hospital or surgery center.
And best of all, most insurance covers MobiSurg’s services for Autistic and special needs children. It’s a win/win for everyone,” Dr. Alikhani says.

Serving all of Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego Counties, MobiSurg is the brainchild of Shar Alikhani, M.D., a Harvard-trained, board-certified Physician anesthesiologist. Recognizing an underserved patient population – special needs children and hard-to-treat patients – he began MobiSurg to offer the same safe, hospital-quality anesthesia and medical services to these patients within the security and privacy of their own physician’s office.

MobiSurg enables doctors and dentists to perform a host of procedures including dental extractions, cleanings, root canals, ear tube placement, exams under anesthesia, dermatologic procedures such as mole removal and cyst excision, upper GI endoscopy, and MRI/CT scans, among many others. And with MobiSurg, you don’t have to experience the expense or stress of undergoing procedures in a hospital our surgery center.

Concludes Dr. Alikhani, “MobiSurg truly offers the best, most worry-free and comfortable solution to surgical procedures for special needs kids. And because safety is of the utmost importance, we also provide a detailed floor plan and emergency evacuation plan for every location, as well as an emergency lighting system (90 minutes), battery back up system (90 minutes), state inspected fire extinguisher, wireless communication system, back up monitors and oxygen delivery service and sterile supplies. With MobiSurg, there is no need to ever go to a hospital again.”

About MobiSurg

Dr. Shar Alikhani is a board-certified Physician anesthesiologist and former Director of Anesthesiology at Children’s Hospital Orange County at Mission. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiologists and trained at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he also served as Chief Resident and as a clinical faculty member. He was a Fellow in Pediatric Anesthesia at Children’s Hospital in Boston, the top rated pediatric teaching facility of Harvard Medical School.

He began MobiSurg to help doctors and surgeons offer better, more convenient quality medical care to their patients by providing the same safe, hospital-quality anesthesia to very young children, high risk and difficult-to-treat patients but within the comfort, security and privacy of their own doctor’s office. Dr. Alikhani hopes to make MobiSurg available in more cities across the United States to better serve doctors and patients everywhere. For more information, please visit

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